Classic Patterns A - Z

My little website, about the history of the "classic" Salmonfly, is made in my own language : Dutch, because there is very little in this language, about this stuff. One section of this site is the pattern page. I want to try to collect as much classic patterns as I can and bring them together for who ever is searching for "that specific one".
I know, not every one can read Duch, so I made this page : The patterns in the English language. This way every one can use this pattern collection.
If you see something that is not correct or if you know a pattern, that is not included, please let me know. We all bennefit from this information.
I have to thank Colin Innes. This very kind gentleman has allowed me, to use patterns from his website which is the only place, one can find those patterns. Especially the patterns from "The Fishing Gazette". Please do visit his unique site : It is a great source of historical information.
(The capital E behind the name means "Englisch" and is there to be helpfull with the search option!)
The search option : Under the main menu there is a search option. It says : ZOEKEN.  Type in your word and hit ENTER.

Anonyma E

Abinger E

Ajax Grub E

Akroyd E

Alexandra E

Allan's Fancy E

Amethyst E

Amethist E

Anderson E

Artful Dodger E

Assassin E

Autumn Creeper E

Avon Eagle E



Cadogan E

Campbell E

Canary E

Canary Silver E

Candlestick Maker E

Canon E

Captain E

Captain Walton E

Captain Waugh E

Carnegie E

Carron E

Carron Fly E

Catcher E

Chalmers E

Champion E

Charlie E

Chatterer E

Childers E

Claret E

Claret Alder E

Claret Brown E

Claret Jay E

Claret Jock E

Claret Palmer E

Claret Scott E

Claret Wasp E

Clark E

Clunie E

Cluny E

Coch-y-Bondu E

Cock o' the Walk E

Cock Robin E

Cockatoo E

Colonel E

Comet E

Corniehaugh E

Crane E

Critchley's Fancy E

Cromarty E

Culdrain Fly E

Curate E

Curtis E



Dalhousie E

Dallas Fly E

Dandy E

Dark Bumble E

Davidson E

Dawson E

De Winton E

Deavan E

Dee Sun Fly E

Dennison E

Dewdrop E

Dhoon Fly E

Diavolo E

Dirty Orange E

Dixon Fly E

Doctor E

Dodger E

Dr. Donaldson E

Dr. Corbet E

Dr. Forbes E

Dr. Leonard E

Donkey E

Douglas Graham E

Dragon Fly E

Drake Wing E

Dreadnought E

Druggist E

Drum Charme E

Drum Eagle E

Drum Grouse E

Drum Heron E

Drum Jay E

Drum Lightning E

Drum Mist E

Drum Moonshine E

Drum Pheasant E

Drum Ranger E

Drum Silver Blue E

Drum Sunset E

Drum Toucan E

Drummond E

Duchess E

Duke E

Duke of Edinburgh E

Duke of Sutherland E

Dun Wing E

Dunkeld E

Dunt E

Durham Ranger E

Dusty Miller E


Eagle E

Eagle Brown E

Eagle Grey E

Eagle Red ? E

Eagle White E

Eagle Yellow E

Edwin E

Elsie E

Emerald Gem E

Empress E

Enys E

Erin go Bragh E

Erly E

Ethel E

Evangeline E

Evening Star E

Evan's Salmon Fly E

Excelsior E

Fail-Me-Never E

Fairy E

Fairy King E

Fairy Queen E

Fancy Olive E

Fenian E

Fiery Brown E

Floodtide E

Flower of Kelso E

Forsyth E

Fort William E

Fra Diavolo E

Freemason E

Furnace Brown E

Gallantine E Gallinipper E Gamekeeper E Gardener E Garibaldi E Gaudy Fly E General Dee Fly E General Summer E Ghost E
Gipps E Gitana E Gledwing E Glen Grant E Glen Grant's Fancy E Glentanar E Glow-worm E Gloriasa Superba E Gold E
Gold Heron E Gold Judge E Gold Purple Fly E Gold Riach (Reeach) E Gold rover E Gold Speal E Gold Sylph E Gold-Green Fly E Gold-green Reeach E
Golden Blue E Golden Butterfly E Golden Canary E Golden Drop E Golden Eagle E Golden Mallard E Golden Olive E Golden Parson E Golden Wasp E
Goldfinch E Gordon E Gordon Cumming E Goshawk E Graham's Fancy E Green Grouse E Green Highlander E Green Islander E Green King E
Green Mixture E Green Parrot E Green Peacock E Green Queen E Greenwell E Grey Eagle E Grey Heron E Grey Monkey E Grey Palmer E
Grouse and Green E Grouse and Orange E Guinea Hen E
Ike Dean E Improved Helmsdale E Inchgard E Inchiquin E Indian Crow E Infallible E Inver Green E Irish Duke E Irishman E
Irishman E Irvine E Ivanhoe E
Lady Bell E Lady Blanche E Lady Caroline E Lady D'Eresby E Lady Grace E Lady Mary E Lady O'Mantoun E Lady of Mertoun E Lang Syne E
Langevin E Lapwing E Lapwing E Lascelled E Laxford E Lee Blue E Lee Blue and Grey E Lee Fly E Leigh's Sun Fly E
Leighton's Favorite E Lemon and Blue E Lemon and Grey E Lemon Grey E Lemon Tippet E Lemon Tippet Grey Monkey E Light Waverly E Lion E Little Inky Boy E
Little Kelly E Lizzie E Logie E Lord Henry E Lord Randolph E Lorne E Lough Gill Fly E Louise E Lovat Fly E
Lupus E
Parson E Peacock E Peapergrim Pet E Pearl E Penpergwm Pet E Phoebus E Pitcoy Fancy E Pitfour E Policeman E
Popham E Port Fly E Powell's Fancy E Poynder E Pride of Aberdeen E Priest E Prince of Wales E Prince's Mixture E Professor's E
Purple Emperor E Purple King E
Rainbow E Ray Mead E Red Drake E Red Drummond E Red Eye E Red King E Red Pirate E Red Rover E Red Sandy E
Red Spirit E Red Tag E Red Turkey E Red Wing E Ringlet E Rintoul E Rival E Rob Roy E Robbie E
Robinson E Roche's Fancy E Roche's Grub E Rory Ross E Ross E Rosy Dawn ERouge-et-Noir E Rough Grouse E Roy Neal E
Sacelle E Sailor E Sapper E Sapphire Blue E Secretary E Shannon Butcher E Sherbrook E Shin Wasp E Shocker E
Silver E Silver Adrea E Silver Blue E Silver Blue and Jay E Silver Canary E Silver Doctor E Silver Green Fly E Silver Green Reeach E Silver Grey E
Silver Jock Scott E Silver Lemon and Jay E Silver Partridge E Silver Popham E Silver Reeach E Silver Scott E Silver Speal E Silver Spectre E Silver Test E
Silver White E Silver Wilkinson E Sir Archibald E Sir Francis Sykes E Sir Herbert E Sir Archdale E Sir Moses E Sir Percy E Sir Peter E
Sir Richard E Sir Richard Sutton E Skier E Smith E Smokey Dun E Snarehill E
Snow Fly E Spey Dog E Spirit Fly E Spring Blue E Spring Grub E St, Bernard E Stalker E Standford E Stephen E
Stephens E Steuart E Stevenson E Strachan E Strathspey E Stunner E Summer Duck E Summer Grub E Sun Fly E
Sundal Black E Sutherland Green E Sweep E Sweetmeat E Switcher E Switching Sandy E
Taite's Fancy E Tartan E Teal and Red E Teal Wing E The Butcher Fly E Third Snow Fly E Thistle E Thorndyke E Thornydyke E
Thunder and Lightning E Tim Fly E Tim's Moke E Tippet Grub E Tippetiwitchet E Tom Tickler E Toppy E Torrish E Torrish Favorite E
Traherne's Wonder E Trewern Tickler E Tricolor E Trois Temp E Turkey Wing E Turnbull's Sir Richard E
Wasp E Wasp Grub E Waterwitch E Waverly E Welshman's Fairy E White and Silver E White Doctor E White Tip E White Wing E
White Winged Akroyd E White Winged Goura E White Wings E Widgeon E Wild Horse E Wilkinson E Wilmont E Wilmont Willie E Wilson E
Winifred E Wye Grub E
Yates Fancy E Yellow Goshawk E Yellow and Scarlet Mallard E Yellow Baronet E Yellow Caterpillar E Yellow Eagle E Yellow Lahobber E Yellow Leg E Yellow Parson E
Yellow Wasp E