Ballyshannon E

The Ballyshannon : Blacker No. 13
Tag: Puce silk.
Tail: A topping and ibis.
Body: Yellow-brown mohair.
Ribs: Oval silver tinsel.
Hackle: Yellow.
Throat: Scarlet hackle around the head tied on as a collar after tying in the wing, sides and horns.
Wings: Four toppings with wide summer duck over these (tie them in like you would tippet underwings); golden
pheasant tail and tippet fibers at the
            sides like veilings; a strip of white-tipped turkey tail and Gallina with hen Himalayan pheasant tail with Himalayan pheasant crest over all like
            the usual topping (Amherst pheasant topping).
Sides: Kingfisher.
Horns: Scarlet macaw.
Head: Black herl.