Beauly Snow Fly E

Beauly Snow Fly : Hardy.
Tag: Silver tinsel.
Body: Dark blue wool.
Ribs: Silver tinsel and gold tinsel.
Throat: A blue Heron hackle.
Wings: Bronze Peacock herl.
Head: Yellow wool, tied as a hackle.
Beauly Snow Fly :Kelson.


Tag: Zilver tinsel.
Body: Donker blauwe wol.
Ribs: Zilver tinsel en goud tinsel.
Hackle: Een Blauwe Reiger hackle.
Wings: Bronze Pauw herl.
Head: Gele wol, ingebonden als een hackle.
Beauly Snow Fly: Price-Tannatt.

Boddy : Pale blue Seal's fur, (dressed sparely).
Ribs : Broad, flat silver tinsel and gold twist.
Hackle : A black Heron's hackle from third turn of tinsel.
Wing : Peacock herl in strands.
Head : Orange Seal's fur.

Beauly Snow Fly : Francis Francis. 1867.
Boddy : Lightish blue Mohair, rather sparely dressed.
Ribs : Silver tinsel and gold twist.
Hackle : Black Heron hackle, as long on fibre or longer than the hook.
Wings : A large bundle of Peacock herl. Over this is tied hacklewise a ruff of bright orange Mohair.