Benchill E

Benchill : Price-Tannatt.

Tag: Golden tinsel.
Tail : A topping and the tip of a Golden Pheasant breast
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Orange, scarlet, claret and pale blue Seal's fur (well
picked out).
Ribs : Flat silver tinsel and twist.
Throat : A pale blue hackle.
Wings : A pair of tippets (back to back) veiled with "married"
strands (or, in large sizes, narrow strips) of Peacock
wing scarlet and blue Swan, Golden Pheasant tail,
and Bustard.
Cheeks : Strips of speckled Gallina wing and Jungle cock over; a topping over all.

Benchill : Hardy and Kelson (Malloch).

Tag : Silver tinsel and claret silk.
Tail : A topping and Scarlet Ibis.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Dark yellow, light orange, red claret, and light blue Seal's fur in
equal sections.
Ribs : Silver tinsel.
Hackle : Light blue, from red claret fur.
Wings : Two tippets (back to back) extending only to end of dark
yellow fur, veiled with light mottled Turkey, Swan dyed yellow
and red, Bustard, Golden Pheasant tail, Teal, Mallard and a
Horns : Blue Macaw.

Benchill : Kelson . Land and Water Cards. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Silver twist and red-claret silk.
Tail : A topping and scarlet ibis.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Very dark yellow, very light orange, red-claret and light blue seal’s fur.
Ribs : Silver tinsel.
Hackle : Light blue, over the light blue seal’s fur.
Wings : Double tippets, veiled with light speckled turkey, swan dyed yellow and red; bustard, golden pheasant tail,
            Teal and mallard, and a golden topping.
Horns : Blue macaw.