Black King E

Black King: Price-Tannatt.
Boddy : Blacke Floss.
Ribs : Flat and oval silver tinsel and silver thread.
Hackle : A bronze-black Spey cock's hackle.
Throat : Teal.
Wing : Brown Mallard strips (short).
Black King : Hardy and Kelson
Body : Orange Berlin wool (three turns) followed by black wool (short).
Ribs : from far side gold tinsel (narrow), from near side silver tinsel (same size) both wound the reverse way, an equal
         distance apart.
Hackle : From end of body, a black Spey-cock hackle, but wound from the root instead of from the point in the usual
            direction, thus crossing over the ribs at each turn given.
Throat : Teal, one turn only.
Wings : Two strips of light brown mottled Mallard.