Bonne Bouche E

Bonne-Bouche : Tolfrey, Jones's guide.
Tail : Golden Pheasant.
Tag : Gold twist and scarlet Mohair.
Body : Lower half yellow, upper half bright claret Pig's wool.
Hackle : Bright claret hackle.
Ribs : Gold twist.
Throat : Guinea hen and Jay hackle.
Wings : (Mixed) Mallard, Teal, Guinea hen, Bustard, Claret hackle in centre.
Horns : Red and blue Macaw.
Head : Black.
Bonne Bouche : Hardy and Kelson (Kelson).
Tag : Gold twist and yellow silk.
Tail : A topping and Gallina.
Butt : Red wool.
Body : One third yellow Seal's fur then claret Seal's fur.
Ribs : Gold tinsel and silver lace.
Hackle : Claret hackle from yellow fur.
Throat : Gallina.
Wings : Tippet, Teal, and Peacock wing for underwing; Amherst Pheasant, Golden Pheasant tail, Bustard
            Swan dyed yellow and claret; and Mallard.
Sides : Married strips of Teal and Ibis.
Horns : Blue Macaw.
Head : Red wool.