Candlestick Maker E

Candlestick Maker : Price-Tannatt.

Tag: Silver tinsel.
Tail : A topping with scarlet Swan, and barred Summer duck in strands.
Body : First half, black floss; second half black Seal's fur.
Ribs : Oval silver tinsel.
Hackle : A fiery brown hackle.
Throat : A black hackle.
Wings : A pair of Jungle cock feathers (back to back); three or four
toppings over.


Candlestick Maker : Hardy and Kelson ( Holbrow).
Tag : Silver tinsel (oval, fine).
Tail : Ibis and Summer duck.
Body : Three turns of black silk followed by black Seal's fur.
Ribs : Silver tinsel.
Hackle : A dark, fiery brown, from Seal's fur.
Wings : Double Jungle and two toppings.
Head : Black wool.
Candlestick Maker: Francis Francis 1867.

Tail : Scarlet Ibis and Wood duck.
Body : Black silk followed by black Pig's wool, very bushy towards the shoulder and picked out at the breast.
Ribs : Broad silver tinsel.
Hackle : Golde Olive.
Throat : Claret.
Wings : Five or six toppings with double Jungle Cock on either side