Dr. Donaldson E

Dr. Donaldson : Hardy and Kelson (Malloch).
Tag : Silver twist and yellow silk.
Tail : A topping, a few strands of tippet and points of toucan.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : (After Jock Scot type) First section, blue silk, ribbed with silver tinsel (fine, oval) butted with blue chatterer
           fibers above and below, and black herl: second section, dark claret silk, ribbed with silver lace and silver
           tinsel, and a claret hackle along it.
Throat : Orange hackle and widgeon.
Wings : Two extended jungle slightly in Bismark brown; golden pheasant tail, light and dark bustard Swan dyed red
            and yellow; and a topping.
Sides : Jungle (not dyed).
Horns : Blue macaw.