Dusty Miller E

Dusty Miller : Price-Tannatt.

Tag : Silver thread and golden yellow floss.
Tail : A topping and Indian Crow.
Butt : Black herl
Boddy : First two thirds, embossed silver tinsel; remainder, orange floss.
Ribs : Fine, oval silver tinsel.
Hackle : A golden olive hackle over the orange floss only (sometimes the
hackle is omitted).
Throat : Speckled Gallina.
Wing : A pair of black white-tipped Turkey tail strips (back to back); over
these, but not entirely hiding them, a mixed "sheath" of "married"
strands of Teal, yellow, scarlet, and orange Swan, Bustard,
Florican, and Golden Pheasant tail; "married" narrow strips of
Pintail and barred Summer duck; narrow strips of brown
Mallard over.
Cheeks : Jungle Cock; A topping over.
Horns : Blue and yellow Macaw.

Dusty Miller : Hardy and Kelson. (Jewhurst).
Tag: Silver twist and yellow silk.
Tail: A topping and Indian Crow.
Butt: Black herl.
Body: Silver tinsel embossed, two thirds; followed by orange silk.
Ribs: Silver tinsel (oval).
Throat: Gallina.
Wings: Two strips of black turkey white tipped, golden pheasant tail, bustard, pintail, gallina, mallard, and
           one topping put inside out on each side of wings.
Sides: Jungle .
Horns: Blue macaw.
Dusty Miller : Hale. (Mr. Murdoch).
Tag : Silver tinsel and yellow floss.
Tail: A topping .
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Embossed, silver tinsel.
Ribs : Oval, silver tinsel.
Throat : Gallina; only at shoulder in small patterns.
Wings : Mixed; White tip Turkey, Golden Pheasant tail, Pintail, Bustard, Summer duck, Swan dyed yellow, red,
            and blue; topping over.
Cheeks : Jungle Cock.
Head : Black.
Dusty Miller : Maxwell. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Silver wire.
Tail : A topping and Indian crow.
Butt : Black chenille.
Body : Two thirds embossed silver tinsel, one third gold floss.
Ribs : Flat silver tinsel.
Hackle : Orange dyed hackle over the floss
Shoulder : Gallina.
Wing : Two slices of black turkey with white tip, fibres of bustard, argus pheasant and red, yellow and blue dyed
           swan over; two jungle-fowl feathers half the length of the wing, and two toppings tied in over all with
           the curve of the feather directed outwards and upward, instead of being set as usual to curve
Dusty Miller : William Murdoch. 9de Augustus 1884. Fishing Gazette. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Silver twist and yellow floss.
Tail : Small topping.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Embossed silver tinsel.
Ribs : Silver Flat worm.
Wings : Mixed white tipped turkey, pheasant’s tail, pintail, bustard, summer duck, blue, red, and yellow swan,
            topping all over.
Hackle : Guinea fowl, only at shoulder in small specimens.
Cheeks : Jungle fowl, small.
Head : Black.