Eagle E

Eagle : Hardy.
* The Eagle is (local) also called 'aigle' .
Tag: Silver tinsel.
Tail: Red breast feather of a Golden Pheasant.
Body: First half; light orange Seal's fur, followed by light claret seal's fur.
Ribs: Silver tinsel and silver lace.
Hackle: An Eagle hackle.
Throat: Teal.
Wings: 2 small strips of a silver grey Turkey feather.
Head: Black.
Eagle :(Gled Wing) Francis Francis. 1867. (Mr. Brown.)
Tag : Silver tinsel.
Tail : Golden Pheasant saddle feather.
Body : 1/3 yellow orange and 2/3 claret or light purple Mohair, applied not too thick.
Ribs : Braod silver tinsel, in wide coils.
Hackle : Black Heron, fairly large, over yellow.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : 2 strips Red Kite, large fibers, or red Turkey, having the colour of the Red Kite.
Francis Francis : " There are two Eagles, the grey and the yellow. The yellow is simply the same feather as the grey, only dyed a bright canary yellow; indeed I believe in the evening, the "yalley aigle" is the favourite, and it is the more effective fly of the two. The tail, body &c. are precisly similar to those of the Gled Wing; a quantety of the down or fluffy part of the golden Eagle's feather-the part on and above the thigh is, I fancy, the best-is then wound on like a hackle, till the fly lookes like the but end of a largish Eagle's feather itself; on the shoulder is of course the invarable Teal hackle; wings two broadish strips of silver grey Turkey; the large mottled or beoad striped and banded feather being selected.
The above are local flies, but a claret body and hackle, with mixed wings of long brown Turkey, Argus, and Bustard feathers with a Golden Pheasant sword feather in the midst, does well also, as does the black body and silver tinsel, with Gallina shoulder and mixed wings."