Enys E

Enys : Hardy.
Tag: Silver tinsel and gold floss.
Tail: A topping and tippet.
Butt: Black herl.
Body: 3 turns golden floss, and in equal sections,scarlet and dark blue Seal's fur.
Ribs: Silver tinsel.
Hackle: A Yellow hackle.
Throat: Blue.
Wings: 2 tippets; firstt half way up the tail,two projecting Jungle Cock (back to back). and 2 tippets extending to bar
           of long tippets: a topping.
Sides: Jungle Cock.
Horns: Blue Macaw.
Head: Black.
Enys : William Murdoch, 23ste Januarie, 1886. Fishing Gazette. (Mr. Ines) Thanks to Colin Innes.

Tag : Silver twist and gold-coloured floss.

Tail : A topping and sprigs of tippet.

Butt : Black Ostrich.

Body : Three turns gold-coloured floss, then almost equal joints of scarlet and medium blue fur – say, one turn
           more of the blue than of the scarlet; not much picked out.

Ribbed : Oval twist (silver).

Hackle : Yellow, from floss joint; peacock blue hackle at shoulder.

Wing : Two tippets to half-way up tail; two jungle reaching to tip of tail; two tippets extending to the lower
          bar of the long (or inside) tippets; topping all over.

Cheeks : Jungle, extending to the lower bar of outside tippet.

Horns : Blue Macaw.