Fairy Queen E

Fairy Queen : Hardy and Kelson (Kelson).
Tag : Gold twist and scarlet silk.
Tail : Toucan, one small jungle dyed scarlet, with two extending strands of peacock wing.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Two turns of black silk, followed by black seal's fur.
Ribs : Gold tinsel (oval).
Throat : Medium blue hackle and gallina dyed light orange (the same in colour as the toucan).
Wings : Gallina and tippet strands in different length for underwing, peacock herl, swan dyed light orange, scarlet,
            and blue; two thin strips of summer duck, capped with two strips of the black sheeny turkey, white tippet
            taken from the undertail of an old bird, and a topping.
Sides : Jungle fowl dyed scarlet.
Horns : Blue macaw.
Head : Black herl.