Green King E

Green King : A.E. Knox 1872 (Old spey flies from Shanks of Craigellachie)
Body : Olive berlin wool, composed of a mixture of red, green and purple, fine wool.
Ribs : Alternate bars of gold and silver tinsel.
Hackle : Red cock hackle.
Throat : Teal.
Wing : Mallard.
Green King : Price-Tannatt.

Boddy : Green Berlin wool.
Ribs : Flat gold and silver tinsel and gold thread.
Throat : Widgeon.
Wing : Brown Mallard strips. (short).
Green King : Hardy and Kelson.
Body : A dull shade of green, composed of a mixture of light and dark green, brown, and a little yellow Berlin wools.
Ribs : From separate starting points of gold tinsel (narrow) silver tinsel (narrow) and light olive-green sewing thread.
These are all wound the reverse way an equal distance apart, but the sewing thread is left until the hackle
is put on. The two metal ribs run under the hackle, the sewing thread is put over it, between the fibers.
Hackle : From end of body, a red spey-cock hackle, but wound from the root instead of from the points
in the usual direction, thus crossing over the metal only.
Throat : Teal, two turns only.
Wings : Two strips of mallard, having brown mottled points and grey mottled roots.
Green King : Francis Francis. 1867.
Body : Orange and olive-yellow mixed Mohair.
Hackle : Brown with grey tips.
Ribs : Tinsel, gold and silver and silver twist over hackle, independent of the previous tinsel.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : Two strips og grey Mallard with brown tips.