Killer E

Killer. Hardy.
Tag : Gold tinsel.
Tail : Golden Pheasant.
Body : 3 turns ea yellow, orange, dark blue Seal's fur. Remainder scarlet Seal's fur.
Hackle : Grey Heron.
Throat : Red Pheasant.
Wings : Dun Turkey.
Head : Black.
Killer : W. Murdoch 1886 (W Garden ?)
Tag : Silver twist and brownish claret floss.
Tail : A topping, green parrot and summer duck.
Butt : Black ostrich herl.
Boddy : Two thirths embossed silver tinsel; One thirths brownish claret floss.
Ribs : Oval gold tinsel.
Throat : Canary; Teal over.
Wings : Two boards strips speckled (black and white) turkey, then peacock, pheasant tail, Bustard, blue and
            yellow swan (pretty broad) an a topping over.
Sides : Chatterer.
Horns : Blue Macaw.
Head : Black wool.
Killer : Kelson.
Tag : Silver twist.
Tail : Red breast feather of golden pheasant.
Body : Yellow, light blue anfd scarlet seal's fur.
Ribs : Silver lace and Silver tinsel.
Hackle : Natural, grey heron, from blue fut.auwe vacht.
Throat : Red breast feather
Wings : Two strips of white.
Killer. Grimble 1902.
Tag : Silver tinsel.
Tail : Red saddle feather of a Golden Pheasant.
Body : comencing from tail; yellow, orange, red and blue Mohair.
Ribs : Silver tinsel.
Throat : Grey Heron with a red saddle feather of a Golden Pheasant over.
Wings : Two strips of red turkey or Gled hawk set wide apart.
Head : Black.