Lady Caroline E

Lady Caroline: Price-Tannatt.
Tail : Golden Pheasant breast feather in strands.
Boddy : Olive green and light brown Berlin wools wound together in the proportion of two strands of the latter
            to one of former
Ribs : Flat golden tinsel and oval silver and gold tinsel.
Hackle : A grey Heron's hackle from one end of the body tied in at the point (or almost betternas a hackle
from the rump of a Blue Game hen).
Throat : Golden Pheasant breast feather.
Wing : Brown Mallard strips (short).
Lady Caroline : Hardy and Kelson (Kelson).
Tail : Golden pheasant red-breast, ae few strands only.
Body : Brown and olive-green berlin wool mixed together inproportion of one part olive-green, two parts brown.
Ribs : From separates starting points, of gold tinsel (narrow), gold twist, and silver twist, wound the usual way
         an equal distance apart.
Hackle : Grey heron, from tail (tied in at the point as usual) wound alongside gold tinsel.
Throat : Golden pheasant red-breast, two turns.
Wings : Two strips Mallard, showing brown points and light roots.
Lady Caroline : Hale ( Mr. Brown)
Tail : Strands of red feather from Golden Pheasant.
Body : Reddish brown wool.
Ribs : Silver tinsel between gold and silver twist.
Hackle : Long grey Heron down the whole body.
Throat : Red hackle from Golden Pheasant.
Wings : Mallard.
Lady Caroline : R.B. Marston, 24ste Januarie, 1891.(Mr. Brown). Fishing Gazette. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tail : Red feather from Golden Pheasant.
Body : Red brown.
Ribs : Flat zilver tinsel and 2 threads, 1 gold and 1 silver.
Hackle : A large Grey Heron hackle, (over the whole body).
Throat : 2 or 3 turns of a red feather from a Golden Pheasant.
Wings : Mallard; long and flat.