Lascelles E

Lascelles : Francis Francis. 1867. (Farlow).
Tag : Silver twist and yellow lemon floss.
Tail : A topping, Teal and mauve Macaw sprigs.
Body : Half lemon-yellow floss, and half lemon-yellow Pig's wool.
Ribs : Silver twist with black silk beside it.
Hackle : Brown-claret. ( " this is what I consider fiery brown, only, as I have said, I fear the fate of Martin Kelly,
             if I attempt to decide this awfull shade of mystery " ).
Throat : Speckled Gallina.
Wings : A Golden Pheasant rump and saddle feather, sprigs of Golden Pheasant tail and basterd Bustard, yellow
            and blue sprigs, with a few fibres of Golden Pheasant sword feather, over all a good slice ogf Gallina.
Head : Black.