Lemon Grey E

Lemon Grey : Hardy and Kelson (Jewhurst).
Tag : Silver twist and yellow silk.
Tail : A topping.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Silver monkey (modern), Rabbit fur (ancient).
Ribs : Silver tinsel (oval).
Hackle : An Irish-Grey hackle (Modern), a natural blue-dun (ancient), from second turn.
Throat : E yellow hackle (modern), a lemon hackle (ancient).
Wings : Tippet in strands, Teal, gallina, mallard, and a topping.
* According to my fathers notes dated 1833, this fly was dressed in Ireland with a claret hackle under the lemon
Throat and with horns of blue macaw.
Lemon Grey : Hale.
Tag : Silver twist and yellow floss.
Tail : A topping.
Body : Grey Monkey fur.
Ribs : Silver tinsel.
Hackle : Green olive.
Throat : Yellow hackle.
Wings : Mallard, tippet, Golden Pheasant tail, Bustard, Gallina, and green Parrot.
Horns : Blue Macaw.
Head : Black.