Lovat Fly E

Lovat Fly : Hardy and Kelson (Lord Lovat).
Tag : Silver twist.
Tail : Point of the red-breast feather of golden pheasant.
Body : Two turns of yellow berlin wool, followed by blue berlin wool.
Ribs : Silver tinsel (broad).
Hackle : Black hackle, from yellow fur.
Wings : Bronze peacock herl.
Head : yellow mohair, picked out.
Lovat Fly : Kelson. (also in his book The Salmonfly, used when the water is heavy of (not quit) melted snow).
Tail : Peackock Herl.
Butt : Peackok herl.
Body : Gold or silver tinsel.
Wings : Bronze peacock herl.
Throat : Red, yellow or blue, according to rivers favourite.