Nepethian E

Nepethian : Traherne (Traherne).
Tag : Gold twist and gouden floss, with colour of toppings.
Tail : Topping and 2 Indian Crow's.
Butt : White herl, dyed in same blue as Chatterer.
Body : In 3 divisions, 1ste light blue floss, as from Chatterer,veiled with light blue Chatterer (vertical)
          back to back and butted the same as the first.
          2de division orange floss in same colour as Toucan, and butted with the same blue as the first division.
          Remainder red-orange floss, same colour as Indian Crow feathers whitch are tied in under the body, starting
          at the throat.
Throat : Red Macaw.
Wings : 6 Tippets, back to back and 2 Jungle Cock in between. The J.C. slightly larger than tippets. A topping over.
Cheeks : Broad, barred, Summer duck and Blue Chatterer, 2 strips Golden Pheasant wing over.
Horns : Red Macaw.
Head : Blue herl.
Nepethian variatie : Traherne (Traherne).
Tag : Silver twist and light, plum coloured, claret floss.
Tail : A topping.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : 4 divisions in equal parts, ribbed with small, oval tinsel. The colours of the divisions are, from the tag to
           the shoulders; yellow, dark blue, orange, and dark orange floss. All butted with black herl and veiled with
           division no.1 Toucan, no.2 Chatterer, no.3 and no.4 Indian Crow , exceding the butt.
Wings : Double tippets, back to back, with Jungle Cock on each side and a topping over.
Sides : Summer duck.
Cheeks : Chatterer.
Horns : Blue Macaw.
Head : Black herl.