Nicholson E

Nicholson : Francis Francis. 1867.
Tag : Silver twist.
Tail : A topping, a bit of red Parrot, and a wisp of red Mohair; over this, as a butt, is wound on a blue Jay hackle
        and over that a black herl.
Body : The fly is then separated by hackles into three divisions, and each of these divisions is in two joints of different
           coloured floss. The lower joint is scarlet and black, above this is another Jay hackle and black herl. The second joint
           is lemon and scarlet and above this is a scarlet hackle and black herl.
           The third joint is orange and medium blue floss, over this medium blue hackle, and above that a darkish orange
           Coch-Y-Bondhu hackle.
Wing : Large Cock of the Rock or two orange hackles, strips of Bustard, Argus, lightish Turkey, mauve, yellow, and
          red Swan, and a topping over all.
Sides : Jungle Cock.
Head : Peacock herl.