Peacock E

Peacock : William Murdoch, 12de Juli, 1884. Fishing Gazette. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Silver tinsel.
Tail : Double tippet, upright and proportionate with the size of the fly – for a No. 2 iron, about half an inch in length
         is a fair example.
Body : An equal proportion of orange and greenish blue mohair – the former to be closest to tag.
Ribs : Flat tinsel (silver), 6 turns.
Wings : Strips from peacock’s wing.
Hackle : Grey heron, a third-way down body, fairly longish likewise, and spare.
Shoulder : Teal (sparely) round about.
Head : Black.
Peacock : William Murdoch, 14de Maart, 1885. Fishing Gazette. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Silver tinsel.
Tail : two sprigs of tippet (set upright), half an inch in length, the bright side of both springs to face outwards.
Body : Orange and light blue mohair, an equal extent, and not much picked out.
Ribbed : Broadish flat silver tinsel and silver twist, five turns.
Hackle : Good grey heron over the blue mohair only, and rather widely wound on so that there may not be more that 20
             fibres altogether.
Shoulder : Teal, sparingly.
Wings : Well marked peacock strips; or, for the larger size of flies, distinctly barred black and white turkey strips.
Head : Black.
Peacock Fly : Kelson (Wright).
Tag : Silver twist.
Tail : A topping.
Body : Yellow and black silk in equal divisions.
Ribs : Silver tinsel (oval).
Hackle : Natural black, from centre.
Throat : Jay..
Wings : Tippet; peacock, sword feather; gallina, teal, and summer duck.