Quinchat E

Quinchat : Traherne (Traherne).
Tag : Silver twist and purple floss , same colour as Chatterer in the Throat.
Tail : Topping.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : In 5 divisions, continuously larger; First part red floss, the colour of Indian Crow. Veiled with Indian Crow above and
           below. Remainder three parts light blue floss, same colour as Chatterer, which are on the end of the second and
           thrird division. The ends of the fourth and fifth parts have a light blue Macaw hackle feather.
Ribs : Oval tinsel.
Throat : Yellow Macaw flank feather.
Wings : 2 blue Macaw. And two green Macaw slightly shorter, over.
Cheeks : Indian Crow - 2 Toppings er overheen.
Horns : Red Macaw, double.
Head : Black herl.