Rainbow E

Rainbow : Tolfrey, Jones's guide.
Tail : Golden Pheasant topping.
Tip : Silver twist.
Body : Blood-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and rich purple Pig's wool.
Ribs : Silver twist.
Hackle : Hackle to correspond over each colour.
Wings : Four toppings.
Head : Black.


Rainbow : Hardy
Tag : Silver tinsel and light blue floss.
Tail : Topping.
Butt : Red wool.
Body: 3 turns ea. Yellow, dark orange, green, light orange, slate blue, and bright claret Seals fur.
Ribs : Silver tinsel (broad).
Hackle : Lemon groen.
Throat : Guinea fowl.
Wings : Tippet, Swan dyed yellow, red and blue, Bustard, Peacock wing, Golden Pheasant tai, Woodduck
            and Guinea fowl.; Mallard and a topping.
Sides : Jungle Cock.
Horns : Blue and yellow Macaw.
Head : Black.
Rainbow : By Mrs. Tim Courtney. (Mr. John Alexander Dunbar). Thanks to Colin Innes. And Hi-Regan 1886.
Tag : Silver twist and light-blue floss.
Tail : A topping
Butt: Scarlet ostrich.
Body : Three rolls yellow seal’s fur, and three ditto of each or the following colours of mohair in the order given
           viz., scarlet, grass green, gold colour, indigo blue, and claret.
Hackle: Yellow, from first joint.
Ribbed : Oval twist (silver).
Throat : Guinea fowl Wing: Fibres of tippet, two strips grey turkey: yellow, red and blue swan; bustard;
             pheasant’s tail; two strips of brown mallard; ditto of Widgeon; and a topping overall.
Cheeks : Jungle.
Heads : Varnished.
Rainbow : Henry Cholmondeley-Pennell 1876.
Tag : A single twist of the embossed plat used in the body.
Tail : A topping and a tuft of any light green feather.
Butt : Bright golden yellow Pig's wool forming part of the body.
Body: Pig's wool; Bright golden yellow, red, claret mixed with indigo towards shoulder.
Throat : Licht blue.
Wings : Four long fibres from a Macaws wing, two feathers of a Jungle cock, and a topping.
Collar : A orange hackle and a red hackle.