Sir Herbert E

Sir Herbert : Price-Tannatt.
Tag: Silver thread and pale orange floss.
Tail : A topping and Indian Crow.
Butt : Peacock sword feather.
Body : First three-fourth, flat gold tinsel; remainder, scarlet Seal's fur.
Ribs : Fine oval silver tinsel.
Throat : A crimson hackle or Golden Pheasant breast feather.
Wings : A pair tippets, (back to back), veiled with "married" strands of Bustard, blue and crimson Swan, light mottled Turkey
            tail and Golden Pheasant tail; strands of Peacock herl above.
Sides : Jungle Cock. A topping over.
Horns : Scarlet Macaw.
Head : Peacock herl.
Sir Herbert : Hardy and Kelson (Sir H. Maxwell).
Tag : Silver twist and yellow silk.
Tail : A topping and Indian Crow.
Butt : Green peacock herl.
Body : Gold tinsel (flat) to near the throat, having ribs of gold tinsel (oval), and a dark yellow hackle along it.
then two or three turns of scarlet seal's fur.
Throat : Crimson Hackle.
Wings : Two tippets (closed) at top, speading slightly over the body at bottom; bustard, swan dyed light blue
            and rose, turkey strands (white tipped), peacock herl, and a topping.
Sides : Jungle or summer duck.
Horns : Red macaw.
Head : Peacock herl.