Spring Grub E

Spring Grub : Price-Tannatt.
Tag : Silver thread and pale blue floss.
Tail : Small, married, strips of scarlet Ibis and blue and yellow Macaw (back to back).
Butt : A badger hackle dyed orange.
Body : In two equal halves - first half, Golden yellow floss; second half, black floss, butted at the joint with
          pale Blue Game hen's hackle.
Ribs : Black Berlin wool over the yellow floss, oval silver tinsel over the black floss.
Throat : A Coch-y-Bondhu hackle, followed by a richly coloured speckled Grouse hackle.
Spring Grub : Hale, Hardy, Kelson (Kelson). and by Kelson in The Fishing Gazette.
Tag : Silver twist and light blue silk.
Tail : Scartlet Ibis and blue macaw (married).
Butt : (or No.1 hackle)-A furnace hackle dyed orange.
Body : First half of yellow silk; ribbed with black chenille; No.2 hackle a vulturine guinea fowl (natural blue); second half,
          black silk, ribbed with silver tinsel (oval); No. 3 or head hackle a coch-y-bondhu hackle and gallina dyed dark orange.