Stevenson E

Stevenson : Price-Tannatt.
Tag: Silver thread and pale blue floss.
Tail : A topping with Indian Crow.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : First quarter orange floss; remainder, orange Seal's fur of a deeper shade.
Ribs : Flat silver tinsel and silver twist.
Hackle : A bright orange hackle.
Throat : A pale blue hackle.
Wings : A pair Jungle Cock, (back to back), covered for three-quaters of their length by two pair of tippets.
Sides : Broad strips barred summer duck. Reaching the lower black bar of the tippets.
Cheeks : Blue Chatterer. A topping over.
Horns : Blue and yellow Macaw.
Stevenson : Hardy and Kelson (Wright).

Tag : Silver twist and light blue silk.
Tail : Topping and tippet in strands.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Two turns of orange silk, followed by orange seal's fur.
Ribs : Silver lace and Silver tinsel.
Hackle : Orange hackle, from orange silk.
Throat : Light blue hackle.
Wings : Four double tippets (back to back) enveloping two extended jungle;
and a topping.
Sides : Jungle.
Horns : Blue macaw.
Head : Black wool.