Tartan E

Tartan : Hardy.
Tag : Gold tinsel.
Tail : Golden Pheasant rump feather.
Body : Orange and scarlet red Mohair, in equal parts.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle : A grey, blue and red hackle, only used one side.
Wings : 2 strips silver grey, speckled Turkey.
Head : Black.
Tartan : A Mackintosh 1806.
Tail : A dark mottled feather from behind the wing of a wild Mallard.
Body : Yellow, light blue, green, dark red, orange, and purple, and many more colours as the fancy may lead the angler.
Wing : A darkish brown speckled turkey tail and about twelve herls from the peacocks tail, dividing them that
          there may be six in each wing; the next feathers for these large flies are kite, buzzard, bittern, and heron's wing.
Hackle : A black and red cock's hackle over the body, for the legs and The head.
Tartan : Wade. Halcyon, 1861. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Wings : Dark speckled brown of turkey’s tail, mixed with twelve peacock’s herls.
Body: A mix of every imaginable colour, forked with dark fibres of mallard’s feather.
Hackles: Blood red.
Rib: Gold twist.
Shoulder: copper coloured mohair.
Tip: Forks of dark fibres of mallard’s feather.
Tartan : Francis Francis. 1867. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Gold tinsel.
Tail : A Golden Pheasant rump feather.
Body : Half orange and half claret-red Mohair, applied not too thick.
Ribs : Broad, gold tinsel.
Hackle : First a on one side stripped, sand-red coloured cock hackle followed by a blue-grey hackle or a rump or
back feather from a Heron.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : Two strips silver grey mottled Turkey.
Tartan : William Murdoch 23ste Februarie, 1884. Fishing Gazette. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Silver tinsel.
Tail : red cock feather.
Body : One turn orange, two turns blue, and three turns claret mohair.
Ribs : Silver tinsel, broad.
Hackle : Grey heron (sparingly) down body.
Shoulder : Teal.
Wing : Distinctly marked black and white turkey.
Head : Black.
Tartan : William Murdoch 8ste Maart 1884. Fishing Gazette. Thanks to Colin Innes.

Tag : Silver tinsel

Tail : Golden pheasant, saddle feather.

Body : Either orange and scarlet mohair in equal proportion, or two turns orange, two turns scarlet, and two
turns blue mohair.

Ribs : gold tinsel.

Hackle : Grey heron, partly down body.

Shoulder : Teal.

Wings : Mottled turkey of brownish shade.

Head : Black.
Tartan : Francis Francis. 1867.
Tag : Silver twist.
Tail : A slice of tippet, and orange-yellow Pigs wool.
Butt : Peacock herl.
Body : Pig's wool as follows;orange, yellow, bright pea-green, red and blue, grey, dressed rough and picked out.
Ribs : Broad silver tinsel.
Throat : Gallina.
Wings : Slips of grey and light brown Turkey, sprigs of yellow, red, and mauve Swan. With a bunch of Peacock herl
            over all.
Head : Peacock.

Tartan : Francis Francis 1874. He calles this fly "the sisterfly of the Red Wing"
Tag : Two turns broad gold tinsel.
Tail : A red Golden Pheasant breast feather.
Body : First half dirty orange and the upper half scarlet Mohair.
Ribs : Broad gold tinsel.
Hackle : A sandy red hackle, followed by a large grey heron's hackle.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : Two strips silver grey speckled Turkey