Tippet Grub E

Tippet Grub : Price-Tannat.

Tag : Gold tinsel and scarlet Seal's fur.
Butt : A tippet (wound like a hackle) followed by a furnace hackle.
Body : In two equal halves, each beginning with three turns of silver
thread, followed by green Berlin wool, butted at the joint with
similar feathers and in the same way as for the butt.
Throat : As for the butts (larger fibres feathers).
Head : Silver thread.

Tippet Grub : By Kelson in The Fishing Gazette and Hale (Mr. Kelson).
Tag : Silver twist and scarlet fur.
No. 1 Hackle : Two turns of small tippet feather, and two turns natural black hackle; butted with two turns of silver twist.
Body : Light green olive chenille.
No. 2 Hackle : Same as No.1 but slightly larger.
No. 3 Hackle : Same as before, but larger still.
Head : Zilver twist . (Hale).
Tippet Grub : Hardy and Kelson (Kelson).
Tag : Silver twist and scarlet seal's fur. No.1 hackle (or butt) three turns of tippet.
Body : Light green olive chenille. No.2, hackle (in centre) four turns of tippet one size larger.
No.3 hackle (or head) five turns of tippet, still langer.