A. Mackintosh E

A. Mackintosh 1806
No. 1 : A. Mackintosh
Body : A light brown hair or fur of bear, mixed with dark brown hog's wool, and gold colloured mohair.
Ribs : Gold twist.
Hackle : A large black cock hackle and e red one a little larger.
Wings : The mottled feather from a turkey's tail, of a reddish cast.
Head : A bit of deep red hog's wool or mohair.
No. 2 : A. Mackintosh
Body : Light blue hog's wool mixed with a little lead coloured mohair.
Ribs : Small gold twist.
Hackle : A large white cock's hackle, dyed darkish blue.
Wings : The speckled feathers of a kite or buzzards wing.
Horns : Four strips of copper coloured feather of the mallard.
Head : A little of the same as the body.
No.3 : A. Mackintosh
Body : Strands of copper coloured feather from the peacock's tail and two of green plover or lapwing's topping.
Ribs : Narrow silver plating, dark red silk.
Hackle : A dark tinged cock's hackle.
Wings : A mottled grey feathers from a turkey's tail.
Horns : Fibres from the tail feather of a cock pheasant.