Tolfrey 1816 E

Nr.1. Tolfrey 1816
Body yellow tag, next to purple, cinnamon bron Mohair, or Pig's-down at the shoulder, reddish-brown hackle for legs; Wing, hen Pheasant tail, two strips of Mallard wing for taill either ribbed or not with gold or silver tinsel.
Nr.2. Tolfrey 1816
Body, brown Pig's hair, full; slightly ribbed with gold twist. Wing from the wing of a hen Pheasant. Tail, two strips of Mallard wing.
Nr.3. Tolfrey 1816
Body, tipped with yellow, than dark blue Pig's down up to the head; black hackle wound from the tail up, and silver twist. Wing Teal feather.
Nr.4. Tolfrey 1816
Body, dark claret Pig's down, dark red hackle for legs, Golden Pheasant topping for tail. Head black, ribbed or not with gold. Wing, brown Mallard.
Nr.5. Tolfrey 1816
Body, yellow tag, then reddish brown Pig's down, purple at the shoulder, two strips of Mallard wing for tail, and brown Turkey for wing, a very little gold twist.
Nr.6. Tolfrey 1816
Bodt, fiery brown Pig's down, well picked out and full, dark red-brown hackle wound full round the shoulder, two strips of Mallard wing for tail, and brown Turkey for wing, a very little gold twist.
Nr.7. Tolfrey 1816
Body slight cinnamon brown, a little flat gold tinsel, black hackle for leggs, head black, wings, fetaher of a Kite's tail.
Nr.8. Tolfrey 1816
Bear's fur or Pig's wool, wound full, Grouse hackle for legs, Golden Pheasant topping foe tail; wings from the brown Mallard.
Nr.9. Tolfrey 1816
Body, Black Mohair or Pig's down, ribbed with silver twist, Golden Pheasant topping for tail, wing dark Turkey.
Nr.10. Tolfrey 1816
Body, dark purple, hackle the same, a little bit of Jat's wing at the shoulder, ribbed with silver twist, wing mixed with Mallard, Teal and hen Pheasant tail and neck feathers of the Golden Pheasant.
Nr.11. Tolfrey 1816
Body, a bright reddish brown, the colour of human hair, vulgarly called "carrots" of Pig's down, wing from the tail feather of a hen Pheasant, two strips of Mallard wing for tail.
Nr.12. Tolfrey 1816
Body orange coloured Pig's down, a little gold tinsel, three fibers of brow Mallard for tail, a claret coloured hackle for legs, and wings from the brown Mallard.
Nr.13. Tolfrey 1816
Body half claret clolour with purple from the shoulders, and half cinnamon brown, tip bright yellow Pig's down, tail two strips of Mallard, wing from wing of hen Pheasant.
Nr.14. Tolfrey 1816
Body, Peacock herl with gold twist, two red-brown cock's hackles wound from the tail, and rolled very thick at the shoulder.
Nr.15. Tolfrey 1816
Body, golden coloured tip of Pig's down, then brown Pig's down, then purple and black, hackle ribbed with gold twist, wings from the light mottled feather of a Turkey's tail, and a few fibres of brown Mallard for tail.
Nr.16. Tolfrey 1816
Body, a dark orange of Pig's down at the tip, then black Pig's down at the shoulders, ribbed with silver twist, wings dark brown Mallard.
Nr.17. Tolfrey 1816
Body, orange or gold coloured silk, ribbed with gold tinsel, brown red hackle, tag of Peacock herl, wings brown Mallard and a little Peacock herl for head. Tail three or four strips of Mallard.
Nr.18. Tolfrey 1816
Body puce coloured Pig's down wound over with a dun coloured hackle, wings brown Turkey's tail, and three or four strips of Mallard for tail.