Sandeman E

The Sandeman Flies : From The book "By Hook or Crook" from 1894, by Fraser Sandeman.
                                    His flies were sold by the Hardy Bros. Thanks to Colin Innes.
No.1 :
Tag : Gold threat and purple floss.
Tail : Topping.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Jointed in three divisions of equal lenght of yellow, orange and red floss.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle : In three joints, yellow, orange and red.
Throat : Black hackle with red at points.
Wings : Mottled brown Turkey, grey Turkey, Golden Pheasant tail, dark Mallard, 4 narrow strips of Blue dted Swan
and 4 Peacock herl.
Cheeks : 2 strips barred Summer duck extendet well up the fly.
No.2 :
Tag : Gold tinsel thread and yellow silk.
Tail : Topping.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : 1/3 oranjg floss, 2/3 dark blue floss.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle : A blue cock hackle.
Wings : Mixed; Lighte Mallard, brown mottled Turkey, Golden Pheasant tail, Gallina, yellow dyed Swan. A topping over.
No.3 :
Tag : Silver tinsel.
Tail : yellow floss.
Body : Pale blue floss.
Hackle : Pale blue.
Throat : Reddy brown.
Wings : Mixed; Lighte Mallard, Golden Pheasant tail,yellow dyed Swan, a couple of sprigs of Golden Pheasant rump.
No.4 :
Tag : Gold tinsel thread and yellow floss.
Tail : Sprigs of Golden Pheasant rump.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : yellow floss.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle : A black hackle.
Throat : A black hackle.
Wings : Golden Pheasant tail, broad slip of barred Summer duck and a topping.
Cheeks : Chatterer.
Head : Black herl.
No.5 :
Tag : Gold tinsel thread and yellow floss.
Tail : Topping.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Dark blue floss.
Ribs : Silver tinsel and silver thread, together.
Hackle : A brown hackle with light points.
Throat : A brown hackle with light points.
Wings : Mixed; grey Turkey, Bustard, Golden Pheasant tail, and rump, unbarred Summer duck, and red dyed Swan
A topping over.
Horns : Blue and red Macaw.
Head : Black worsted.
No.6 :
Tag : Gold tinsel thread.
Tail : Golden Pheasant tippet; and one small slip each of red and blue dyed floss..
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Four turns of yellow floss, remainder in three equal divisions of pale blue, scarlet and black Pig's wool.
Ribs : Gold or silver thread.
Hackle : Fiery brown.
Throat : Dark grey. Flat or oval tinsel braid.
Wing : (mixed) Golden Pheasant tail, Mallard, Golden Pheasant tail, 2 slips dun Turkey or, better still, of Glead hawk
Gallina, 2 slips grey Turkey, 2 slips each yellow and blue dyed Swan.
Head : Black wool.
No.7 :
Tail: Gold tinsel.
Tail: Full whisp of orange pig’s wool.
Body: Lower half orange pigs wool, upper half brown pig’s wool.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle : Brown.
Throat : Brown.
Wings, under: Dark green mallard. Wings, upper: Brown or dun turkey, whitish at tips.
No.8 :
Tag: Gold tinsel thread.
Tail: Unbarred summer duck, golden pheasant tippet and topping.
Body: Lower half, Orange pig’s wool. Upper half, bright red pig’s wool.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle: From middle to shoulder dark red. Broad gold tinsel.
Throat : Fiery Brown.
Wings (mixed): Dark brown turkey, mottled on lower half.
No. 9 :
Tag: Gold tinsel thread.
Tail: Golden pheasant topping.
Body: Lowest third, orange pig’s wool. Upper two thirds, brown pig’s wool.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle: Light red. Shoulder hackle: Light red. Wings: Gled hawk.
No. 10 :
Tag: Silver tinsel thread.
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet.
Body: 2 turns yellow pig’s wool, 2 turns red pig’s wool, remainder, green pig’s wool.
Hackle: Green.
Ribs : Broad silver.
Throat : Light brown
Wings, under: Teal Wings, upper: Boldly-mottled grey turkey, 2 small slips red dyed swan.
No. 11 :
Tag: Gold tinsel.
Tail: Yellow floss silk.
Body: Three turns orange pig’s wool, remainder black pig’s wool.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle : Light reddy brown.
Throat : Light reddy brown.
Wings (mixed): Golden pheasant tail, bustard, grey turkey, white and red swan, 2 wide slips gled hawk
No. 12 :
Tag : Gold tinsel thread, and red floss silk.

Tail : Golden pheasant topping and one kingfisher feather.

Butt : Black ostrich.

Body : ⅔rds up from tail, medium-sized silver tinsel braid, then a butt of black ostrich herl, remainder blue floss and
silver tinsel; two golden pheasant toppings introduced behind the 2nd herl butt, blue dyed cock’s hackle over
the blue silk portion of the body.

Throat : Shoulder hackle: Blue dyed cock’s hackle and over it a Teal feather wound as a hackle.

Under Wings : Two bold sprigs of golden pheasant tippet.

Wings : Four strips of black dyed swan and yellow dyed swan put together so as to form stripes, i.e. alternately,
next a bold sprig of mallard on each side.

Cheek : A jungle cock feather, and over it a kingfisher.

Head : Black ostrich herl.

No. 13 :
Tag: Gold tinsel.
Tail: Teal and golden pheasant rump.
Body: Bright red pig’s wool and gold tinsel, red hackle.
Wings: Brown mottled turkey.
Throat :Shoulder hackle: Teal, dressed over the wings.
No. 14 :
Tag: Gold tinsel, blue silk.
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet and summer duck.
Butt: Peacock herl.
Body: Half of round silver braid, then purple silk and orange silk, gold tinsel.
Hackle: Blue, and then brown.
Throat : Gallina.
Wings: 2 broad strips red macaw, 4 broad strips glead hawk, 2 stripes (3 fibres each) of blue and yellow macaw,
2 broad strips argus pheasant.
*NB in all the Sandison patterns the heads may be omitted and in default of gled hawk, use dun turkey