Adamson E

William Agar Adamson discribes, in 1860, in his book, a group of flies for the Shannon.
The flies are locally known as " tassels"
Adamson ; " The wings of which are composed of a number of minute fibers of the feathers of different birds, in which no one colour largely predominates; the whole taken together being rather of a rich brown than of a gaudy hue. The favourite bodies are made of mohair of every tint, from 'fiery brown' to 'dark claret'. The tinsel or twist gold or silver, the streamer or tail a small feather from a golden pheasant's topknot."
No.1 : Adamson. 1860.
Body : Black..
Ribs : Silver tinsel.
Wings : Light Mallard and Turkey.
Hackle : Black.