F.F. for the Blackwater E

The following flies are listed in Francis Francis's book " A Book On Angling" from 1867.
For the BLACKWATER (Mallow). Obtained from Mr. Haynes, of Patrick Street, Corck.
No. 1:
Tag : Silver tinsel and orange floss.
Tail : Black partridge, tippet and mallard sprigs.
Butt : Black ostrich.
Body : Grey fur (same as the Lee flies) for one-third of the body. The remainder two-thirds of medium yellowish-green
Ribs : Narrow gold tinsel.
Hackle : Silver grey cuckoo dun (clipped) over grey and green of the same shade over green.
Throat : Orange.
Wings : (streaked) golden pheasant tail, brown mallard over, sprigs of red and green parrot.
Horns : Blue Macaw.
Head : Black.

No. 2:
Tag : Gold tinsel.
Tail : A topping and some tippet.
Butt : Black ostrich.
Body : Darkish Blue, claret and grey fur.
Hackle : A blue (clipped), claret and grey hackle to match the fur.
Throat : A Yellow hackle with a turn or so of black over it.
Wings : Sprigs of Bustard, brown turkey, tippet, green parrot and brown mallard over it.
Head : Black.
No. 3:
Tag : Silver tinsel and orange floss.
Tail : Sprigs of tippet, Mallard, green Mohair, and gallina stained pale blue.
Body : Apple green floss.
Ribs : Fine gold twist.
Hackle : Blue jay hackle, all the way up.
Throat : Orange.
Wings : (streacked) Golden pheasant tail, Bustard, green parrot, Mallard over.
Head : Black.
A note for some flies for the Blackwater :
Nos. 1, 2, and 3 of the Lee flies, one size smaller, will do for the Blackwater. The blue doctor, dressed with medium floss
body, blue Jay hackle and an orange-yellow hackle at the shoulder, with a sober wing of tippet and green Parrot sprigs and brown mallard over, and a black head, does well.
The orange and grouse (see Moy flies ) with a sober tail and wing of golden pheasant tail, brown mallard, green and red
parrot sprig, and minus the puce floss, with a blue jay hackle at the shoulder, is also a favourite.