F.F. for the Bann E

The following flies are listed in Francis Francis's book " A Book On Angling" from 1867.
For the BANN. The following flies are from Wm. Doherty and Son.
No. 1: Called the Garibaldi fly. (Doherty)
Tag : Silver thread and lemon floss.
Tail : A topping.
Butt : Green Peacock herl.
Body : 3 joints: First joint; yellow-orange, three turns of silver thread at joint, then yelowish-olive hackle and
green peacock herl above it, second joint a shade redder orange, hackle ed. als voorheen, de hackle
a ruddier (reddish-rosy crimson colour) tinge on the olive; third joint same as last, with light claret
Throat : Blue jay.
Wings : Two good sized tippet feathers, slips of brown Jay on either side and a topping over all.
Horns : Red and blue Macaw.
Head :Green peacock herl.
No. 2: Called the Golden-olive fly.

Tag : Silver thread and medium blue floss.
Tail : A topping.
Butt : Black ostrich herl.
Body : Golden-yellow floss.
Ribs : Gold tinsel and a gold thread side by side.
Hackle : Golden-olive.
Throat : Blue Jay.
Wings : Mixed; Bustard, grey Mallard, peacock, a few fibres of tippet and red parrot, One topping over.
Horns : Red and blue Macaw.
Head : Black.

No. 3: Called the Green Grouse.
Tag : Gold thread and reddish orange floss.
Tail : A topping.
Butt : Brown Ostrich.
Body : Pea-green floss.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle : Grouse.
Throat : Yellow-olive.
Wings : Mixed; Bustard, grey mallard and tippet, one topping.
Horns : Blue Macaw.
Head : Black ostrich.