J.M. Graham E

Unnamed  Salmon Fly from the late 1800's, from the shop of J. M. Graham.(Scotland)
Tag : Oval gold tinsel and light yellow floss
Tail : Golden Pheasant crest
Butt: Red wool
Body : Rear Half - Flat gold tinsel ribbed with oval gold tinsel and veiled above and below with toucan, butted with red
           wool in front. Front Half - golden yellow floss ribbed with flat gold tinsel and gold twist.
Hackle : Yellow hackle over front half of body.
Throat: Orange hackle with orange dyed guinea fowl in front.
Underwing : grey turkey tail
Main wing: Married fibers of yellow, red and blue swan, Speckled Bustard, and Argus Pheasant, with a Golden
                 crest over all.
Sides: Jungle Cock and Chinese Kingfisher.
Horns: Blue and Yellow Macaw
Head: Black tying thread