Red Sandy E

Red Sandy: Price-Tannatt.
Tag : Silver thread and golden yellow floss.
Tail : A topping, Indian Crow and Blue Chatterer over.
Bud : Scarlet, berlin wool.
Boddy : Flat silver tinsel.
Ribs : Fine, ovaal silver tinsel.
Hackle : A badger hackle, dyed deep orange.
Throat : Jay, or spekled Gallina dyed blue in the larger sizes.
Wing : Wing : A pair of black white-tippet Turkey tail strips (back to back); over these, but not entirely covering them,
          a "mixed" sheath of "married" strands of Peacock wing, yellow, scarlet, and blue (omitted) Swan
          Bustard, Florican, and Golden Pheasant tail; two strands of Peacock sword feather above; "married"
          narrow strips of Teal and barred Summer duck at the sides, Brown Mallard over.
Sides : Jungle Cocks.
Cheeks : Indian Crow and Blue Chatterrer. A topping over.
Horns :Blue and scarlet Macaw.
Head : Scarlet berlins wool.
Red Sandy : Hardy and Kelson (Nocol McNicol)
Tag : Silver twist.
Tail : A topping and Indian Crow.
Butt : Scarlet wool.
Body : In two sections of silver tinsel (oval), No. 1 butted with indian crow and scarlet wool.
Hackle : Scarlet along No.2 section.
Wings : Indian Crow, four double feathers overlapping each other and enveloping extended jungle (back to back),
            and two toppings.
Horns : Red macaw.
Head : Scarlet wool.