Golden Parson E

Golden Parson : R Niven 1892.
Tag : Silver tinsel and mauve floss.
Tail : Two toppings, a few sprigs of ruff feather and a kingfisher.
Body : Two turns of golden floss silk, then golden Pig's wool, merging into orange.
Hackle : Golden orange over wool, red orange over that, and two or three more toppings, tied in at the breast
             instead of shoulder hackle.
Wings : A tippet or ruff feather, with a cock of the rock (not the squared feathers) on either side and one above.
           Strips of pintail on either side and seven or eight toppings over
Golden Parson : Is the same as the Parson from Francis Francis. Richard Nivin discribes this fly in his book
The British Angler's Lexicon under the name Golden Parson.