Gold Rover E

Gold Rover :
Tag : Oval gold tinsel and light yellow floss.
Tail : Golden pheasant topping.
Butt : Red wool.
Body : Rear half flat gold tinsel ribbed with oval gold tinsel. Veiled above and below with Toucan and butted with
           red wool in front. Front half golden yellow floss, ribbed with flat gold and gold twist.
Hackle : Yellow over front half.
Throat : A orange hackle with orange dyed Guinea in front.
Underwing : Grey turkey tail.
Mainwing : Married fibres of yellow, red, blue swan, Speckled Bustard, argus pheasant and a topping over all.
Sides : Jungle cock and Kingfisher.
Horns : Blue and yellow Macaw.
Head : Black.