Gold Riach (Reeach) E

Gold Reeach : A.E. Knox 1872 (Old spey flies from Shanks of Craigellachie)
Body : Black berlin wool. Tip of the tail sometimes finnished with orange silk.
Ribs : Three bars of flat gold tinsel, between which are three very fine gold beading.
Hackle : Red cock hackle from the tail coverts, soft and fine, along the body of the fly.
Throat : Teal or guinea fowl.
Wing : Mallard.
Gold Riach : Price-Tannat.
Boddy : First quarter, orange Berlin wool; remainder, black wool.
Ribs : Flat golden tinsel, oval golden tinsel and silver thread.
Hackle : A reddish brown Spey cock's hackle.
Throat : Widgeon..
Wing : Brown Mallard strips (short).
Gold Riach : Hardy and Kelson ( Riach).
Body : Orange berlin wool three turns, followed by black wool.
Ribs : From different starting points, of gold tinsel (narrow), gold twist, and silver twist, not wound as usual but
         in the reverse way (towards head) and placed an equal distance apart.
Hackle : A red spey cock from end of body, wound from the root of feather instead of from the point of it,
             and crossing over the ribs the whole way.
Throat : Teal, two turns.
Wings : Two short strips of mallard with brown mottled points and grey mottled roots.