Greenwell E

Greenwell : Price-Tannatt.
Tag : Silver tinsel
Tail : A topping and a pair Jungle Cock feathers (back to back).
Bud : Black Herl.
Boddy : Pale blue floss.
Ribs : Broad flat silver tinsel and twist.
Hackle : A pale blue hackle.
Throat : Widgeon.
Wing : A pair of white tippet Turkey tail strips (back to back); over these, but not entirely hiding them, a mixed
          "sheath" of "married" strands of Teal, yellow and blue Swan, Bustard, Florican, and Golden Pheasant tail;
           "married" strips of Pintail, and barred Summer duck; narrow strips of brown Mallard over.
Cheeks : Jungle Cock; a topping over all.
Horns : Blue and yellow Macaw.
Greenwell : Hardy and Kelson (Wright).

Tag : Silver twist and light orange silk.
Tail : A topping and jungle.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Light blue silk.
Ribs : Silver lace and silver tinsel (flat).
Hackle : Light blue, from second turn.
Throat : Widgeon.
Wings : Two strips of black turkey, white tippet; golden pheasant tail,
light and dark bustard, galinna, swan dyed green and scarlet;
grey mallard, mallard, and a topping.
Sides : Jungle.
Horns : Blue macaw.
Head : Black wool.