Grey Heron E

Grey Heron : Price-Tannatt.

Boddy : First third, lemon Belin wool; remainder Black Berlin wool.
Ribs : Flat silver tinsel, and oval silver and gold tinsel.
Hackle : A grey Heron's hackle from one end of body tied in at the point
(or almost better, as a hackle from the rump of a Blue Game
Throat : Speckled Gallina.
Wing : Brown Mallard strips (short).

Grey Heron : William Murdoch, 16de Februarie 1884. Fishing Gazette. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Gold tinsel.
Tail : A topping and a small tippet.
Body : Orange fur, well picked out.
Ribs : Gold tinsel.
Hackle : Grey Heron.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : Mottled Turkey brownish tinge strips.
Head : Black.
Grey Heron : Grimble, Shooting and Salmon Fishing. 1892. Tanks to Colin Innes. In his edition from 1902
                     He calles this fly the "Spey Grey Heron".
Tag : 2 turns gold tinsel.
Body : 1/3 Orange floss, remainder black floss.
Ribs : Gold tinsel, in wide coils, in between fine, silver twist. With larger hooks, two turns of twist more.
Hackle : Grey Heron, from halfway the body.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : Mallard.
Grey Heron (Model) : William Murdoch, 6de Maart, 1886. Fishing Gazette. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Gold thread, topping coloured floss.
Tail : Tippet fibers.
Body : Orange coloured Pig's hair or Mohair, well picked out.
Ribs : Broad, flat, gold tinsel, and gold twist, 5 turns.
Hackle : Large grey Heron, with open coils over the body.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : Cream coloured strips of Turkey or Turkey strips with black bars and white tipped.
Head : Zwart.