Helmsdale Eagle E

Helmsdale (Gaudy) Eagle: Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Silver twist and light-blue floss.
Tail : A topping; fibres of tippet, of green parrot and of red rump feather golden pheasant.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Three turns yellow mohair, same of orange (medium shade); the rest red and blue in equal proportion.
Ribs : Silver tinsel.
Hackle : Golden yellow eagle down - from beginning of red.
Shoulder : Guinea fowl hackle.
Wing : Two long jungle fowl, the full length of the wing; enveloping these, two tippets - one on either side - extending
          to the tag; golden yellow mohair and bronze peacock herl above; and two toppings over all.
Sides : jungle fowl, three spots.
Cheeks : Chatterer.
Head : Black wool.