Jungle Hornet E

Jungle Hornet : Price-Tannatt.

Tag : Silver tinsel.
Tail : Scarlet Ibis in strands and a pair of Jungle Cock feathers )back
to back).
Butt : A Cock-Y-Bondhu hackle.
Body : In tw equal halves; each of an equal number of turns of yellow
and black Berlin wool wound together and each butted at the
joint with a Cock-Y-Bondhu hackle and veiled, above with a
pair of Jungle Cock feathers (back to back).
Throat : A Cock-Y-Bondhu hackle. (each sueceeding Cock-Y-Bonddhu
hackle to be larger in fibre than the preceding one.)

Jungle Hornet (Grub) : Hardy and Kelson (Kelson).
Tag : Gold twist (plenty).
Tail : Ibis, two strips.
Butt : No.1 hackle, a Coch-y-Bondhu, slightly tinged in bismarck brow,cheeked with jungle.
Body : Twelve alternate coils of yellow and black chenille. No.2 hackle, in centre, and No.3 hackle at head, as
           before cheeked.