Major E

Major : Tolfrey, Jones's guide.
Tail : Golden topping.
Tag : Silver twist and crimson silk.
Body : (In Patches) Pale blue, orange, and claret Pig's wool, and dark blue pig's wool up to the shoulder.
Hackle : Claret hackle.
Throat : Guinea Hen and Bustard.
Ribs : Silver tinsel and gold twist.
Wings : Two Golden Pheasant tippets, two claret hackles, two Snipe feathers; sprigged Bustard, and Argus Pheasant
            feathers, Two toppings over.A yellow hackle over all.
Head : Black Ostrich.
Major : Hardy and Kelson ( Rev. A. Williams)
Tag : Gold twist and scarlet silk.
Tail : A topping, Teal and Ibis.
Body : Light blue, yellow, claret, and dark blue seal's fut, equally divided.
Ribs : Silver tinsel and gold lace.
Hackle : Claret hackle, from claret fur.
Throat : Scarlet hackle and gallina.
Wings : 1 tippet, backed with a claret hackle veiled with a snipe feather on each side, bustard, ibis, swan dyed
yellow and a topping.
Horns : Blue macaw.
Major : A pattern by John A. Dunbar. Thanks to Colin Innes.
Tag : Silver twist and crimson floss.
Tail : A topping.
Body : Composite – viz., four turns light blue, ditto gold colour, five turns of bright claret, and ditto of dark blue
           fur – all the body fur; and the two last named colours well picked out.
Ribbed : Silver tinsel and silver twist.
Hackle : Bright claret, commencing from the gold colour fur.
Shoulder : Bustard (sparingly) and guinea fowl.
Wing : Two tippets back to back; outside, and on either side of these, a snipe (under the wing) feather; and a
          golden pheasant spear feather outside the snipe feather; bustard and pheasant’s tail on top of the wing,
          and two toppings over all, with a yellow hackle (at head) over the wing.
Horns : Blue macaw.
Head : Blue wool.
Major : Francis Francis. 1867.
Tag : Silver twist and ruby floss.
Tail : Fibres of bustard hackle, tippet, and a topping.
Body : Composite – viz., two turns of medium blue, ditto of dark orange, about four or five of bright claret, and
           two more of blue pig’s wool.
Ribbing : Silver tinsel and gold twist, side by side.
Hackle : A red claret hackle commencing from the orange wool; the blue wool picked out in longish fibres at the
shoulder, over this a bustard hackle, then the wing, then over that a yellow hackle.
Wing : Composed of white ribbed snipe’s feather, with longish tippet on either side; over this, bustard and
golden pheasant tail in strips, with red, blue, and greenish-yellow fibres, and over all topping.
Head : Black.