Purple King E

Purple King: Price-Tannat.

Body : Purple Berlin wool.
Ribs : Flat golden tinsel, lila floss and gold thread.
Hackle : A black bronmze Spey cock's hackle.
Throat : Teal.
Wing : Brown Mallard strips (short).


Purple King : Hardy and Kelson.
Body : Blue and red berlin wool mixed together- proportion, one part blue, two parts red.
Ribs : From far side, gold; from near side silver tinsel (narrow) wound the reverse way an equal
distance apart.
Hackle : A red spey-cock hackle, from end of body, but wound in the usual way from the root of the feather
             instead of from the point, thus crossing over the ribs at each turn given.
Throat : Teal, only one turn.
Wings : Two strips Mallard, showing brown points and light roots.
Purple King : Hale ( Mr. Brown).

Body : Light purple wool, ribbed by flat silver tinsel, and two strands of twist, one gold, the other silver.
Hackle : Brownish black feather from side of cock's tail, wound in the opposite direction to the tinsels, and crossed by
             one of them.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : Double strips of Mallard , short, and apart to allow hackle to apear between them.
* The hackle fibers are reversed, and the butt end tied in first at tail end.

Purple King : Francis Francis. 1867.
Body : Light purple Mohair.
Hackle : Brownish black with light blue dun tip.
Ribs : Tinsel gold and silver and silver twist over hackle, independent of the previous tinsel.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : Two strips of grey Mallard with brown tips.
Purple King : A.E. Knox 1872 (Old spey flies from Shanks of Craigellachie).
Body : Lace Berlin wool, composed of scarlet and purple, mixed.
Ribs : Alternate bars of gold and silver.
Hackle : Grey or red cock acording to faney.
Throat : Teal.
Wings : Mallard.