Taylor E

Nr. 1. (Taylor).
Tail: Forked with two strips of the same feather as the wing.
Body: Red brown Hare's fur, mixed with deep copper Mohair.
Hackle: Feather of a Bittern.
Wing: Dark brown strips of a wing feather of the Bittern.
Head: The same mix as the body.
Nr 2. Taylor (Taylor).
Body: A mix of light brown Bear's hair, Sable fur and gold colloured Mohair.
Rib: Golden twist
Hackle: Black cock hackle.
Throat: Red cock hackle.
Wing: The mottled feather of a Peacock's wing, mixed with a dusky red feather.
Head: Deep red Mohair.
Nr. 3. Taylor (Taylor).
Tail: Same mixe as in the wing.
Body: Lead coloured Mohair.
Rib: Small, golden twist
Throat: Deep blue cock feather.
Wing: A blue feather of a Heron, mixed with the spotted reddish part of a Mallard.
Head: Lead coloured.