Blacker 1848 E

Some flies Blacker publiched in Bell's Live in 1848.
No.1 :
Tail : Two small toppings.
Body : Cinnamon brown pig's hair.
Ribs : Strong gold twist.
Hackle : Cinnamon brown or natural brown-red.
Throat : A piece of scarlet Pig's hair rolled on.
Wings : A cream colored brown spotted turkey tail feather.
No.2 :
Tail : Two small toppings.
Body : Golden orange Pig's hair.
Ribs : Gold twist.
Hackle : Bright olive rolled on from the tail..
Throat : Black hair.
Wings : Spotted peacock wing.
No.3 :
Tail : Two small toppings.
Body : Fiery brown Pig's hair well picked out.
Ribs : Gold twist.
Hackle : A brown red hackle rolled from the tail.
Wings : Brown mallard.
* This fly may be varied with claret hackle and orange body. (See picture below)
No.1 :
Body : Orange Pig's wool or Mohair picked through the fibres of the hackles.
Ribs : Gold twist.
Hackle : From the tail up a blood-red or claret dyed hackle.
Wings : Brown Mallard mixed with Bustard.
No.2 :
View on top off the fly:
Body : Brown Mohair with a little yellow at the tail.
Ribs : Gold.
Hackle : A black cock hackle rolled up the boddy.
Wings : Spotted Hen Argus pheasant tail feather, divided and a topping tied underneath them, as this enlivens
the appearance of the fly in the water.