G.M. Kelson E

Some unnamed flies, mentioned in The Salmonfly, by G.M. Kelson.
No.1 :
Tag : Silver twist, plenty.
Tail : Ibis, two extended strips of summer duck and the point of a jungle.
Butt : Scarlet herl.
Body : First half in two sections, butted with scarlet herl and veiled with two sets of goat's beard above and below,
           the first dyed crimson majenta; the second, dyed light blue, from the middle of the body, extending over the
           former to the butt of the fly. The first section was made of yellow silk, ribbed with gold lace and silver tinsel.
           The second section of crimson majenta silk, ribbed in the same way, but with larger materials.
           Second half of dark blue silk, leaving space at the throat for a couple of turns crimson majenta Seal's fur,
           well picked out, and ribbed with very large gold tinsel.
Throat : Goat's beard, dyed dark blue, and Gallina dyed likewise, only a shade lighter.
Underwing : two strips dark brown motteld turkey with black bars and white tips; partly veiled with strips of summer duck.
Wings : Two small tippets, back to back, dyed crimson majenta extending only to the middle of the body, enveloping
            two full size Jungle cock, projecting over the tail of the fly. Two toppings over.
Sides : Cock of the rock to the lower bar of the tippet, and on each side a bright blue feather ( from the Pitta from
            Borneo), covering half of the Cock oc the rock feather.
Cheeks : Scarlet Tanagar.
Horns : Blue Macaw, Red Macaw and Amherst pheasant.
Head : As a Collar; a fiery brown hackle.
No.2 :
Tag : Silver twist and yellow silk.
 Tail : Toucan.
Butt : Black herl.
Body : Dirty orange seal's fur.
Ribs : Silver lace.
Throat : Grouse hackle.
 Wings : Mixed : Golden pheasant tail and fine fibers of Peacock herl.